The problem of topological indices;
graph theory in application to chemical problems

Main co-workers:

Dr. I. V. Stankevich, Dr. S. S. Tratch, Dr. V. A. Palyulin, Dr. I. I. Baskin, Dr. M. I. Skvortsova.


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  2. Baskin I. I., Skvortsova M. I., Stankevich I. V., Zefirov N. S., On the basis of invariants of labeled molecular graphs. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Science, 1995, 35, (3), 527-531.
  3. Stankevich I. V., Tratch S. S., Zefirov N. S., Combinatorial models and algorithms in chemistry. Search for isomorphisms and automorphisms of molecular graphs. Journal of Computational Chemistry, 1988, 9, (4), 303-314.

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