N. S. Zefirov

Welcome to my homepage!

   My name is Nikolay Zefirov. I am Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (Academician). I am the Distinguished Professor and Chairman of Chair of Organic Chemistry and head of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry in Chemistry Department of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). I am also a director of the Institute of Physiologicaly Active Compounds (IPAC) of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

   I hope you will find this page useful and interesting!

   Phone (MSU): 7-(095)-939-16-20
   Phone (IPAC): 7-(095)-913-21-13
   Fax (MSU): 7-(095)-939-02-90
   Fax (IPAC): 7-(095)-913-21-13
   E-mail: zefirov@org.chem.msu.ru

 Me Curriculum Vitae - Here you will find some official personal information.

 Lens Research areas - Click here to find out more about my researches in the field of Chemistry.

 Book Recent bibliography - List of my scientific publications for the last three years in Word-6.0 format (ZIP, 5.79Kb).

 Camera Personal archive - If you like... :-)

 Links Useful links - Useful links to internet resources dealing with organic chemistry.

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